ADMIN: Shameless Self Promotion Time!

I have other blogs. They also involve women getting naked and fucking. You might like them.

It’s Sex, But With Someone I Love: My personal blog. Mainly reblogs. Lots of gifs of people fucking, if you like that sort of thing. So more of this sort of thing, then:


Except done by other people who are better at making gifs than I am.

Encyclopedia Pornographica: Where the collective wisdom, culture and knowledge of the world’s greatest thinkers meets the world’s hottest porn stars. If you’ve ever followed a hipster blog and thought ‘yeah, but what these pretentious quotations need is a vaguely relevant picture of a woman getting her tits covered in cum’, you’ll love it. Here’s an example:


See, doesn’t that make you feel smarter AND want to fuck someone?

Dirty Tawk: Where I apply my fevered imagination and atrophied writing skills to pictures of people fucking. Discover the drama, the tortured back stories, the seething passion and, most importantly, what the hot blonde co-ed with big tits really feels about getting some guy shoving his cock in her ass at that moment:


(Spoilers: she’s not opposed to the idea.)

So if any of that sounds like it appeals, feel free to stop by! My ego could sorely use the validation.