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Oh and the carmel Moore post! Thanks again mate. [name removed]

Carmel will always be welcome around these parts.

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Hey there. I was wondering if you could delete the post with carmella bing and my request in it or edit it so I’m not tagged/mentioned. I meant to ask on anon and messed that up. It’s just that my friends and family follow my tag it would be so embarassing if they saw that I had requested that. Thanks a bunch mate. [name removed]

No problem; I’ve removed the original posts in both cases. I dunno if there were any reblogs, though, but the respective posts have been quiet for a few months now so if there were they’re probably buried deep, and you should be removed from any tags. Hope this helps!

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ADMIN: Updates might be slow over the next few weeks.

I know, guys, I know.

But my ‘shit-to-do’ list is getting out of control, my ‘shit-that’s-done’ list isn’t filling up, and to be honest peeps, I should probably be spending much less time providing you with porn than I have been.

I’ll still be checking the inbox from time to time and making note of requests to fill when I return, so feel free to keep them coming in, but I probably won’t be very active for the next few weeks at least.

Stay safe and see you soon!

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To the person who asked for gifs of April O’Neil:

I’m pretty sure my reply has just disappeared into the aether when I tried to save it into my drafts folder, so if it did, then whoever requested them, the answer is “yes”.

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Ava Addams deep thrifting please

Ava deep-throating I can do.

Ava deep-thrifting might be a bit trickier, since she hasn’t done that many movies where she explores thrift stores that I’m aware of.

(Although there’s potential for a scene there, I will admit.)

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Triple blowjob scene Kagney Lynn , breanne benson, Allie haze??

… this is new to me. I am intrigued. Seeking this one out.

But first:

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So this might be a strange one, but I'm curious. Could you show us your ten least favourite ladies of the business? And don't go all "but I love them all" on me. We've all got preferences, bub. And of course no disrespect to the ladies either.

I won’t lie, this is a bit of a tricky one. Partly because I don’t really like to rank women and partly because if a porn star doesn’t really do it for me, I tend to just forget she exists, so I don’t really have a list of least favourites so much. So this isn’t exactly my ultimate list of least favourite porn stars as much as it’s a bit of an general illustration of the kind of things I personally find a bit of a turn-off, coupled with some women who I happen to remember being least-favourites.

If you happen to like these women, hey, great, good for you. If you happen to be one of these women, sorry, it’s nothing personal.

So, in (almost) no particular order:

Diamond Foxxx


Kelly Madison


Puma Swede


Nina Hartley


Incidentally, I could have just made this entire list all MILFs, cougars and over-45s, but since (a) that would be boring and (b) I don’t want to just pick on the older women since, let’s face it, the it’s not like the porn industry’s not hard enough on them already. So these ladies are here more as a representation of the kind of MILF/cougar thing that, to be honest, just isn’t for me. So let’s go on to:

Bonnie Rotten


Kleio Valentien


Julia Bond


WIth these three, it’s mainly the tattoos; I just find tattoos on chests and breasts a bit of a turn-off. Especially those spider-webs Bonnie’s got all around her nipples. Plus, not a particular fan of the alt-porn gritty-fetishy Suicide Girls thing they’ve got going on.

(If I’m honest, Kleio is here pretty much because of the chest-tats, since she is otherwise an astonishingly beautiful woman and the rest of her ink is amazing.)

Angelina Valentine


I don’t really know what it is about Angelina; she’s okay, she’s just never really clicked for me. Although if I’m honest, IMHO the incredibly-thin-with-big-fake-tits coupled with the let’s-inject-literally-all-the-collagen-into-these-lips thing she has going on might not be the best look for her.

Tara Lynn Foxx


Tara never really clicked either, although in her case I’m pretty sure it’s because I first encountered her when I stumbled across some weird fetish-porn with her that squicked me out and I never quite got over it.

Amy Anderssen


Yeah, she’s got massive boobs, but I won’t lie; I find her boobs really distracting. Not even sexy distracting, just distracting. I mean, as regular readers will know, I’m not opposed to women with implants in the porn I watch, but I’m pretty sure one of her nipples points in the wrong direction, which doesn’t seem like a good sign to me. They just seem a bit… off to me.

Anyhoo, if I had to list some of least favourite ladies, they’d probably be on the list. Except maybe Kleio.

(Apologies for the long rambling post BTW; at least this one had naked women with large boobs in it.)

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August Ames is perfect.

Fuck me, that woman is hot.


This is the first I’m hearing of her, but it won’t be the last.

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What about Tory Lane with splooge on her face and fine tits?

Tory Lane getting blasted with jizz?

Give me some time, I’m sure I can find something.

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